Third-Party Reproduction Consultation and Evaluation

Recipient consultation/counseling: These services are for individuals/couples that are considering or have already decided to utilize a third party (sperm donor, ovum/egg donor, gestational carrier, or donated embryos) to build their family. A consultation provides an opportunity for recipients to carefully and thoughtfully explore their feelings and ideas, receive education and discuss potential or existing conflicts regarding decision making about treatment options. For some, 3-4 counseling sessions are helpful to discuss topics related to the special use of either donor egg or donor sperm to have a baby. These topics may include privacy versus disclosure, speaking with family and friends about your decision, sibling relationships and parenting issues.

Screening of donors/gestational carriers: All screenings and assessments for potential ovum/egg donors or gestational carriers are done in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. The screenings are available for anonymous and known ovum donors.