Kerry’s Personal Struggle with Infertility

I have a personal and professional mission to help women and couples cope with the stress and difficulty of going through infertility. Having personally struggled with infertility for several years, I understand the emotional pain related to infertility, decision-making about family building options, and treatments for infertility.

My husband and I experienced all the ups and downs, disappointments, frustrations, and hopelessness related to infertility. The emptiness that comes with continual disappointment and failure was ever present in our life, and actually took over our life. With a lot of hard work on our part, excellent medical care, and a little bit of luck, we eventually added two boys to our family. There were times I could not imagine the possibility of what my life is today, and would not even allow myself the hope it was truly possible.

If you are experiencing some of the feelings I describe above, please know there is help. You are not alone! Call me today to set up a consultation appointment to discover how you can start feeling better in your daily living again, and find hope for your future.