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Pregnancy Envy Does Not Mean You Are Crazy….

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For those women out there who are trying to have a baby, and it’s just not happening, it is likely you have experienced feelings of jealousy and/or envy when hearing someone’s pregnancy news, or when seeing another pregnant woman.  You are not crazy, nor are you unique in having this emotion.  As crazy as you might feel, please be reassured you are not.  Every woman I have ever known, personally or professionally that has had difficulty conceiving has experienced these feelings of jealousy or envy.  Yes I mean every woman, and that includes myself. What makes these difficult emotions...

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The Pain of Miscarriage

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Most people know and realize that miscarriage is a possibility when trying to conceive, with 15-20% of pregnancies ending in miscarriage.  Even though miscarriages are not uncommon, it is difficult, if not impossible to avoid the pain and suffering that comes along with a pregnancy loss.  The physical toll a miscarriage has on a woman’s body is often times surprising and unexpected.  The emotional toll can be even more difficult to experience and comprehend. Exactly how a miscarriage can emotionally impact a woman and her partner/spouse varies depending on personality, coping styles, and...

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The Grief of Infertility

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Definitions of grief vary depending on the dictionary used, but all define grief as a type of deep sorrow or distress caused by the loss of something or someone.  Most of us associate grief with the process one goes through after the death of someone close to us.  It is likely you have never considered that grieving is part of the rollercoaster of emotional ups and downs that go along with infertility, and building your family in non-traditional ways. Whether you have ever considered the impact of grief and the grieving process on your emotional state or not, it is important to give the...

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